Who are we?

NTNUI-Gjøvik is the sports association that belongs to NTNU in Gjøvik. We are a collection of several sports and stand for social activities with a sporting theme on days such as Sit-Lekene and AktivCampus. We are here to help students fulfill their sporting needs and can therefore help arrange various activities and start new sports groups if there is someone who misses a sport, but then we also need a commitment from you to run the groups.

What do we want?

We want to be able to activate all students who want it, but for that we need committed students in the Executive Board. Are you the person we’re looking for? Feel free to contact us either on Facebook or by email.

How much will membership cost?

Being a member of NTNUI-Gjøvik costs NOK 550 per person. year, and then you can train unlimitedly with all our sports throughout the school year. In order to participate in division games, separate licenses are also added, but it is not a requirement to be in a division. There is also an option to join through Sit Trening, you can find information about this under “become a member” in the menu

Executive board

Simen Enok Krøgenes

deputy chairman:
Synnøve Kleven

Financial manager:
Benjamin Holhjem

Communications / production:
Hanne Reisvold

Board members:
Svein Kaupang
Mads Halland

Control committee leader:
August Jeppestøl
Control committee members:
Ingeborg Krogsæter

Election Committee leader:
Camilla Kristiansen
Election Committee members:
Eskild Solum
Andreas Bjåstad (deputy member)