How to become a member of NTNUI Gjøvik

Date: 04.10.2022, by kongebra

Hello to all existing or future athletes!

NTNUI Gjøvik has 2 different memberships, where both offer the right to participate in all the sports we offer. There are some special offers that incur additional costs, but this is not something you need to think about as a regular member, as this is mainly about special sports (volleyball series, climbing, etc.)

Membership no. 1: 

Direct membership in NTNUI Gjøvik.

price: NOK 550 per year.
Includes: opportunity to participate in all sports at NTNUI Gjøvik

How to sign up:
1. Select “Become a member/jeg vil bli medlem”
2. Select the membership fee for “studentidrett 2022” (NOK 550) and the sports you want to participate in.
(Volleyball is for if you want to play series with the volleyball team)
3. Go to payment and choose the payment method and pay the dues

Membership no. 2: 

NTNUI Gjøvik membership through SiT training

Includes: Opportunity to participate in all sports at NTNUI Gjøvik in addition to all SiT training subscription offers (all SiT training centres, for example)
price: NOK 175 per month (12-month commitment)
Exchange students: NOK 1,100 (6-month commitment)

How to sign up:
Follow the steps on SiT gjøvik’s pages.
You also have to register in our membership system here:

The sports we offer and which are active:

Volleyballvolleyball@ntnuigjovik.noWomans and mens team in 5th division volleyball
climbingKlatring@ntnuigjovik.no25kr payment every session
TennisTennis@ntnuigjovik.noRegistration-monday 16:00(first come, first serve)

New sports(looking for members)

Hockeypost@gjovikhockey.noOne free test practice!

Contact us

We are a student organisation which, with the motto: “sport for all”, ensures that there is a sports offer for everyone! If you are interested in trying out a sport, it is possible to try one workout at no cost! Then you just contact the sport you want to try out (Contact information can be found at NTNUI Gjøvik – Student sport in Gjøvik – individual sport pages)

Contact us if you have any questions at: